Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival Directions and Parking

POSTED: 1:45PM 3/3/18
Though the Governor has declared a State of Emergency, the Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival will continue as scheduled this weekend.  There is no travel ban associated with this declaration and The State of Emergency as we understand it, was declared in order to:

   "allow the deployment of federal and interstate resources, if required, to provide necessary assistance in the Commonwealth’s emergency response and what is anticipated to be a prolonged recovery effort. The declaration will permit the Commonwealth to request and receive mutual aid assistance from other states through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact if deemed necessary and also facilitate the immediate procurement and deployment of goods and services needed to ensure prompt and effective response and recovery from this storm. " 

​As we understand it, the Declaration is primarily to assist in recovery from the storm, not predicting any significant further affects from it. If you feel it is unsafe to travel from your area then by all means do not do so.

All pools, challenge matches, and brackets for the event will continue as scheduled this weekend as the BCEC and all but one of our contracted hotels have not suffered any significant effects from the storm. 


415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

Click here for directions.

Convention Center Parking Pricing:
The parking rates for the South lot will be $18 per vehicle, and  $36 for oversized vehicles (anything that does not fit into a single parking space).
Valet parking is available for $30



Valet parking will be $30/car.

Guaranteed Parking

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