Tri-County Showcase Waves, Schedules & Admission

Waves & Tournament Schedule Information

Wave times for this event will be posted on December 15th.


  • TBD


  • TBD

A full tournament schedule will be posted on no later than 8PM on Wednesday, February 3rd!

Spectator Registration Information

Admission will open approximately 10 days before the first date of tournament play and will remain open online throughout the event.

IMPORTANT: Admission is for one individual ONLY - You cannot share passes. You must show your photo ID with your pass to gain entry into our event!

How to Buy & Pricing Details:
All admission passes are available for purchase online at! Please be sure to select the CORRECT event dates.

  • Discounted Online Pricing: Online passes will be available before and during the event at ANY TIME!
    • All Tournament Passes: $20*
    • Single Day Passes: $12*
      *Prices do not include taxes & credit card fees.

  • On-Site Pricing: Onsite passes will be available for those who choose NOT to purchase online before or during the event.
    • All Tournament Passes: $27**
    • Single Day Passes: $17**
      ​**Prices include taxes & credit card fees.

IMPORTANT: Onsite admission stations will be located at Arnold Hall!

Children 10 and Under are FREE. Children MUST be accompanied by a ticketed adult upon exit and entry of venue(s).