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Weekend #1: February 7-9, 2025
Weekend #2: February 21-23, 2025 (18's Qualifier)

Boston, MA

Presented by the New England Region Volleyball Association

Each year we work to improve our teams' and attendees' experience at the NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival from the previous year's tournament. Our first priority is ALWAYS the safety of our attendees and participants! With the recent uptick in incidents at large-scale events nationwide, we are implementing increased security measures.

In cooperation with BCEC Security, to enhance your safety & experience, all attendees and
event participants will be subject to 
security screenings and bag checks at all entry points. 

For more information about our new security enhancements & prohibited items (including outside food & drink), click the button below:

Age Divisions:

  • Weekend #1 - Feb. 7-9, 2025:
    • ​GIRLS: 12's-15's, 16 Club, 17 Club
    • BOYS: 14's - 16's
  • Weekend #2 - Feb. 21-23, 2025:
    • GIRLS: 16 Open/USA/American, 17 Open/USA/American, 18's
    • BOYS: 17's-18's

Team Registration:
Registration will open on September 1st at 10AM EST.

  • CLICK HERE to register your teams on SportWrench!
  • Room for ~700 teams each weekend. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first serve basis based upon receipt of entry fee and, if not a local team, confirmation of hotel booking.
  • Entry fees can be refunded up to 45 days prior to the first date of tournament play.
  • If the event is canceled for any reason entry fees will be refunded to all teams minus $25 if after January 15th and $50 if after February 1st to cover expenses already incurred such as awards, non-refundable facility deposits, shipping, etc.

If you are a foreign team, please click here for more information. Note: Foreign teams are NOT eligible to participate in any USAV Bid Division (GIRLS 18 Open, 18 USA, 18 Liberty, 18 American) at the NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival but they are eligible to enter 18 Club.


We will be using 1 site for BOTH weekends.

  • Courts #1-92 at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    415 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210

BallerTV - All games will be recorded & live-streamed! No need to bring your own equipment!


For more information about the NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival, please check out the linked buttons below!