Foreign Team Information

Eligibility Details

Foreign Teams are eligible to participate in National Junior Competitions sanctioned by USAV in ANY NON-BID Qualification Division provided all Entry Requirements below have been met.

  • IMPORTANT: Foreign teams are not eligible to participate in the 18 Open, 18 USA, 18 Liberty and 18 American divisions at the NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival, but they are eligible to enter 18 Club.
  • CLICK HERE to review the Foreign Team Participation Procedures provided by USA Volleyball!

Registration/Entry Requirements:

Important First Step: Contact IMMEDIATELY to obtain your unique FJ Code -- REQUIRED for accurate event registration. If you ALREADY have one from a previous season, you MUST use that SAME Team Code!

A Foreign Team (registered with its National Volleyball Federation) may participate if the team/club:

  • Pays Entry Fee
  • Is NOT representing its country in any official capacity
  • Complies with the Stay & Play housing policy (if applicable)
  • Meets USA Volleyball Junior Age Definitions (2 pages) for all event age requirements
    • NOTE:  Age defiitions ARE different for USA Volleyball sanctioned events!
  • Submits ALL FORMS/LETTERS/INFORMATION to the event prior to the deadline listed for chosen event(s). You can view details below!
  • Purchases Insurance Coverage - $100 USD Cash PAID onsite**

**A waiver for the insurance fee can be granted to Canadian Teams ONLY who provide WRITTEN proof of 24-hour health coverage valid in the United States. For more information on the Summary of Coverage, please CLICK HERE

Required Documents & Information:

The following documents & information MUST BE provided, as requested electronically, before the event Team Roster Registration deadline. Email communication with deadline dates will be provided 1 month prior to the event start date to the contact listed for the Club in SportWrench!


  • Required Coaching Forms & Information:
    1. Complete & sign Foreign Participant Registration Form (One per Certified Bench Personnel)​
    2. Provide copy of Coaching Certification
      • IMPORTANT: ALL bench personnel MUST HAVE Coaching Certification!  See accepted list below:

        - USAV Volleyball IMPACT (In Person OR On Demand)
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: USA Volleyball CAP for BCAP I, II or III
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: NFHS Fundamentals of Volleyball
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: NCCP Level 1 Community Coach workshop (minimum)
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: ASEP Coaching Principles
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: Volleyball Canada - Foundations of Volleyball eLearning
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: Canadian Volleyball Associations Levels 1-4 for FIVB Level 1
        - STAFF IMPACT equivalent: Univeristy or College approved "Introduction to Coaching" course


  • Required Player Forms & Information:
    1. Complete & sign Foreign Participant Registration Form (One per Player - THREE PARENT SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED ON FORM)
    2. Provide copy of government issued Photo Identification (ex: Passport, Driver's License, or Birth Certificate)


  • Required Team Rosters & Information:
    1. Event rosters are due at least TWO WEEKS before the event start date. An email with more instructions will be sent to the contact listed on SportWrench!