Foreign Team Information

Eligibility Details

Foreign Teams are eligible to participate in National Junior Competitions sanctioned by USAV in ANY NON-BID Qualification Division provided all Entry Requirements below have been met.

  • IMPORTANT: Foreign teams are not eligible to participate in the 18 Open, 18 USA, and 18 American divisions at the Boston Volleyball Festival, but they are eligible to enter 18 Club.
  • CLICK HERE to review the Foreign Team Participation Procedures provided by USA Volleyball

Registration/Entry Requirements:

Important First Step: Contact IMMEDIATELY to obtain your unique FJ Code -- REQUIRED for accurate event registration. If you ALREADY have one from a previous season, you MUST use that SAME Team Code!

A Foreign Team (registered with its National Volleyball Federation) may participate if the team/club:

  • Pays Entry Fee
  • Is NOT representing its country in any official capacity
  • Complies with the Stay & Play housing policy (if applicable)
  • Meets USA Volleyball Junior Age Definitions for all event age requirements
    • They ARE different for USA Volleyball sanctioned events!
  • Submits ALL FORMS/LETTERS/INFORMATION to the event prior to the deadline listed for chosen event(s). You can view details below!
  • Purchases Insurance Coverage - $100 USD Cash PAID onsite**

**A waiver for the insurance fee can be granted to Canadian Teams ONLY who provide WRITTEN proof of 24-hour health coverage valid in the United States. For more information on the Summary of Coverage, please click here!

Required Documents & Information:

The following documents & information MUST BE provided, as requested electronically, before the event Team Roster Registration deadline. Email communication with deadline dates will be provided 1 month prior to the event start date to the contact listed for the Club in SportWrench!

  • Required Team Forms & Information:
    1. ​​Provide a copy of Letter of Good Standing from Team Federation (One Per TEAM/CLUB)
    2. Complete Foreign Team Tournament Registration Summary Form (One per TEAM)
  • Required Coaching Forms & Information:
    1. Complete & sign Foreign Participant Registration Form (One per Certified Bench Personnel)
      • IMPORTANT: ALL bench personnel MUST HAVE Coaching Certifications!
    2. Provide copy of Coaching Certification from Federation

  • Required Player Forms & Information:
    1. Complete & sign Foreign Participant Registration Form (One per Player)
    2. Complete & sign Medical Release & Liability Form:
      • CLICK HERE for FLORIDA Events (MUST be NOTARIZED & signed)
      • CLICK HERE for ALL OTHER Events (notary not required)
    3. Provide copy of government issued Photo Identification (ex: Passport, Driver's License, or Birth Certificate)

  • Required Team Rosters & Information:
    1. Event rosters are due at least TWO WEEKS before the event start date. An email with more instructions will be sent to the contact listed on SportWrench!