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December 14-15, 2024
Daytona Beach, FL

The NIKE Florida Holiday Challenge is the opening event of the 2024-2025 season in Daytona Beach!
This is a LEVEL I event and will receive full ranking points for FL Region Ranking Report..

Team Registration:
Registration will open on September 1st at 10AM EST.

  • CLICK HERE to register your teams on SportWrench!
  • Room for ~240 teams. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first serve basis based upon receipt of entry fee.
  • Entry fees can be refunded up to 30 days prior to the first date of tournament play.
  • If the event is canceled for any reason entry fees will be refunded to all teams minus $20 if after October 15th and $30 if after November 15th to cover expenses already incurrred such as awards, non-refundable facility deposits, shipping, etc.

If you are a foreign team, please click here for more information.

Team Acceptance Details:
Any Girls Teams entering the USA Division will be accepted based on a first-come, first serve basis based on registration in SportWrench and date of entry fee payment!

IMPORTANT: The Girls Open division at the NIKE Florida Holiday Challenge is limited to ensure the highest level of competition for every match!

  • Teams that qualified for 2024 USAV Junior Nationals will automatically be accepted in the open division for the age group one year older than they played at 2024 USAV Junior Nationals. 
  • Additional teams for this division will be accepted based on the final 2024 Florida Region Rankings and the Tournament Committee.
  • Exceptions may be made by the tournament committee for:
    1. Strong out-of-state teams
    2. Clubs entering all of their "1" teams in the Open Division for all age groups 12-18
    3. Teams from clubs who did not play the 2024 season in that age group
    4. Teams from clubs who have combined/acquired other clubs since the end of the 2024 season
  • Teams registering for the Open division but not accepted into that division will automatically be placed in the USA Division.
  • Teams wanting to play in the Open Division MUST have their Entry Fee paid by November 8th for consideration for this division unless space is available after that date!

We will be using one site this weekend.

  • Courts #1-32 at The Ocean Center
    101 N. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 3211

BallerTV - All games will be recorded & live-streamed! No need to bring your own equipment!


For more information about the NIKE Florida Holiday Challenge, please check out the linked buttons below!