FL Holiday Challenge General Tournament Information

You can find all of the important information about this event below!

Team Entry Fees:

  • $350 for 10, 11 & 12 USA divisions
  • $475 for 12 Open and all other divisions
  • $300 discounted rate for all Out-of-State teams

Age Divisions & Levels of Play:​

GIRLS: 18's, 17's, 16's, 15's, 14's, 13's, 12's, 11's, 10's

  • Highest - Open Division
  • Second  - USA Division
  • Third - Club Division 

IMPORTANT: The Girls Open division at the Florida Holiday Challenge is limited to ensure the highest level of competition for every match! Not all levels of play will be offered for all divisions. Divisions must have at least 5 teams entered or divisions may be combined.

Division Formats:

All divisions will have formats designed to guarantee each team at least 5 matches or the equivalent number of sets in each division.

All teams will play 3-4 matches Saturday and 1-3 matches on Sunday!

Our MANDATORY Online Team Check-In Process (READ ALL DETAILS BELOW):

  • SportWrench Online Team Check-In will open approximately 1 week prior to the event!
  • COACHES OR CLUB DIRECTORS MUST complete Online Team Check-In for their teams prior to tournament play. Paper rosters will not be accepted.
  • Upon completion of Online Team Check-In, each coach assigned as a "Primary" staff member will receive a unique QR code pass via text & email for entry into the event!
  • There is a MAXIMUM of 3 “Primary” staff members per team. Any additional members will have to purchase passes online for entry into the event!
  • To gain entry into the venue(s) AT ANY TIME, each Primary staff member will need to present their QR code pass (can be printed or on a mobile device) with their corresponding photo ID at entry.
  • Athletes will need to show their jersey to gain entrance to the venue(s)!
    • If you have any athletes that are 18 years old BEFORE or DURING the event, they must have SafeSport training to be eligible to play and for the team roster to be valid for check-in.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT offer or accept ONSITE team check-in.

If you miss the mandatory Online Team Check-In deadline, please contact Jenn Wood at info@jvctournaments.com!

Tournament Uniforms - 2022 FLORIDA HOLIDAY CHALLENGE ONLY:

The Florida Holiday Challenge has been granted a uniform waiver from the Florida Region office. This is ONLY for this event due to it being a pre-season event taking place in December.

The waiver has very specific parameters that are listed below:

  1. Uniform tops must be similar in color and could be a combination of previous year's uniforms if needed:
    • i.e. Player A is wearing Black and Player B is wearing Navy -> black and white do not work.
  2. Uniform tops must all have front and back unique numbers (no duplicates allowed). The libero must be clearly identified with a contrasting jersey to all the rest.
  3. Uniform bottoms must be similar in color:
    • i.e. Player A is wearing Black and Player B is wearing Navy) -> black and zebra print do not work.
  4. The tournament directors will not file any formal uniform waiver documents for this tournament, however be prepared for them to be filed at other subsequent events. 

All uniform questions must be addressed at the tournament. We will be as FLEXIBLE as we possibly can as we know many teams will not have received this year's uniforms yet!

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