FL Holiday Challenge Waves, Schedule & Admission

Waves & Tournament Schedule Information

Waves times for Saturday, December 12th:


  • 16's, 15's, 13 Open, 12's


  • 18's, 17's, 14's, 13 USA

A full tournament schedule will be posted on www.SportWrench.com no later than 8pm on Wednesday, December 9th!

Spectator Registration Information

IMPORTANT: Each admission ticket is for one individual ONLY for a single day.

You cannot share tickets. You must show your photo ID with your ticket to gain entry into our event!

AS OF DECEMBER 10th - The limit per team for spectators has been increased from 15 to 16 spectators per team on Saturday and 18 on Sunday due to COVID-19 Protocols at each playing facility.


2020-2021 Ticketing Procedures:

Admission will open approximately 1 WEEK BEFORE the first date of tournament play and will remain open online throughout the event, if tickets are still available.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions set forth in each city and venue, ALL TEAMS are limited to 15 spectators per TEAM per DAY - NO EXCEPTIONS.  This number is IN ADDITION to the athletes and 3 PRIMARY STAFF included on the roster for each team.

We will be enforcing the spectator limitation through our ticketing system on SportWrench by only having up to 15 tickets available to purchase per TEAM per DAY. Teams can have 15 unique guests EACH DAY of the event!


How to Buy & Pricing Details:

Clubs will receive COUPON CODES in advance of ticketing opening on www.SportWrench.com. These codes are UNIQUE TO EACH TEAM(s) entered into the event for each day of the event. Each coupon code will LIMIT the number of purchases for that team to 15 spectator tickets FOR THAT DAY!

BEFORE you purchase: Please OBTAIN YOUR TEAMS' COUPON CODE for the DAY(s) you are confirmed for attending from your Club Director or Head Coach. You will not be able to access ticketing without it!

IMPORTANT: Purchases will be limited to 1 ticket to allow for equal and fair distribution of the limited number of tickets for your team.

  • Single Day Tickets ONLY: $12*
    *NEW THIS SEASON: All spectators attending must have a PAID admission ticket! ONLY children 2 years and UNDER will be FREE.