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NIKE​ FL Holiday Challenge Waves, Schedule & Admission

Waves & Tournament Schedule Information

Wave times for Saturday, December 9th:


  • GIRLS - 16 Open/USA/Club, 15 Open/USA/Club, 14 Open, 12 Open/Club & 10 Club


  • GIRLS - 18 Open/Club, 17 Open/USA/Club, 14 USA/Club, 13 Open/USA/Club  & 11 Club

A full tournament schedule will be posted on no later than 8pm on Wednesday, December 6th!

Spectator Registration Information

2023-2024 Admission Pricing & Procedures:

To keep our events private and better protect our junior athletes participating in events this season, all spectators will need to enter their TEAM CODE at the Coupon Code prompt to access and purchase admission. Spectators will need to ask their Club Director for their team code which will be used to access admission for each JVC event they attend! 

This season, spectators will have the option to purchase a Daily or Tournament pass. Passes are for SINGLE PERSON admission ONLY and CANNOT be shared between spectators. There are no limitations on admission at this time for this event. Updates will immediately be provided to Club Directors if this status changes at any time. Multiple passes can be purchased at once! Admission will open 1 week before the tournament on SportWrench.



We will be offering Early Bird Pricing from the opening date of admission until 9PM the day before the event begins! See early bird pricing below:

  • Early Bird Daily Pass: $13.00 each
  • Early Bird Tournament Pass: $23.00 each

After 9PM on the day before the event, early bird pricing will no longer be available. See standard pricing below:

  • Standard Daily Pass: $16.00 each
  • Standard Tournament Pass: $30.00 each

All spectators will need to show their pass with a corresponding photo ID to enter and re-enter the event. Only Children 5 & Under are admitted free.