Winterfest Tournament Information

Team Entry Fee:

$450 for First to the Finish New England Winterfest #1
$675 for First to the Finish New England Winterfest #2
**Entry fees will only be refunded up to November 30th, after this date no refunds will be processed.

Age Divisions:
First to the Finish New England WINTERFEST #1 -  January 11-12, 2020
Girl's: 16 Club, 15’s, 14’s, 13's, 12’s
Boy’s: 18’s, 17’s, 16’s, 15’s

First to the Finish WINTERFEST #2  -  January 18-20, 2020
Girl's: 18's, 17's, 16 Open, 16 USA

Division Formats:
All 2-day divisions will have formats designed to guarantee each team at least 5 matches in each division. All 3-day divisions will have formats designed to guarantee each team at least 7 matches.

Host Hotel & Stay, Play, and Save Policy:
All teams participating in this event must stay in the host hotels.
**Click on hotel information for specifics!

Once a club has registered for the Tourament, you will be able to book hotel room for the Club/Team(s)

Team Check-in Details, Locations and Times:
MANDATORY Online SportWrench Team Check-in will open approximately 1 week prior to the event.
Roster Requirements:  
All Team Bench Personnel (Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Team Rep/Mgrs) MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF the following:

  • a current Membership
  • a current Background Check
  • IMPACT Coaching Certification
  • SafeSport Training

Match Length:
All matches will be best of 3 games to 25 with the deciding game, if necessary, to 15. There is no cap!!!

For this year's event, there will NOT be any tie-breaking games played.  In the case of a tie, the teams will be ranked by head-to-head results in case of a 2-way tie, or in the case of a 3-way tie: set percentage, and then, if necessary, point percentage.

Paid 1st officials provided for all matches. 
CLICK HERE for officials' registration details for this and other JVC hosted tournaments.

If a protest is to be filed, it must be done at the time of the incident, NO LATER. 
The first referee is obligated to acknowledge and record all protests. 
ONLY THE FLOOR CAPTAIN MAY FILE PROTESTS. The exception to this rule applies to the 14U and younger divisions, where the acting team coach may act. 
All protests will be handled by the Protest Committee and their decision is binding. A Protest Committee will consist of any two of the following: Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director, Head Official, National Official or a non-involved Club Director.

Facility Rules:

  • Due to incidents in previous years, there will be a NO TOLERANCE policy for misbehavior by players/teams and spectators in the venues.
  • Ball Handling is NOT allowed outside of the exhibit halls in the Convention Center. 
  • Coolers and outside food and drink are NOT ALLOWED in ANY facility.
  • Only water and sports drinks may be brought inside the facilities. 
  • Violation of these policies or any other general misbehaviors may result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the facility for the remainder of the day.

Athletic Trainers:
There will be athletic trainers available to tape ankles and assist with minor injuries at each facility.  
Athletes must provide tape and pre-warp for any pre-existing needs.  Tape and pre-wrap are only provided by the tournament for emergency purposes.
A Nurse will be in the Convention Center in case of emergency.