Florida Winter Volleyball Festival Hotels

THS will be handling the TOURNAMENT HOTEL block for year's Florida Winter Volleyball Festival.
Participants wishing to stay in the Tournament Hotels (see link below) can make reservations after 11am EST on October 3rd with THS.

Participants wishing to say in hotels OUTSIDE the Tournament Hotel block, may do so on their own.  HOWEVER, Teams may NOT book
rooms at a hotel that is part of the TOURNAMENT HOTEL block that THS has contracted for the event
such as Hilton OceanWalk, Plaza etc.


How to Book Tournament Hotel Block through THS:

  • Register for the event on SportWrench.
  • Make hotel reservations for your team through THS.  
    (NOTE: Club MUST be registered for the tournament in order to book hotel rooms for your Club/Team(s).
    • Call THS Reservations Department (toll free) at 888-536-8326 after 11am EST on October 3rd and 
      REFERENCE:  Florida Winter Volleyball Festival for booking
  • Pay for your entry fee via check or credit card (this does not need to be done prior to booking your hotel through THS).
  • Encourage your team parents to book through THS.
  • Accept the contract you receive from THS.
  • Receive your acceptance notice from the tournament.

Stay, Play, and Save Policy: The Florida Winter Volleyball Festival uses a "Stay, Play, and Save" policy. The approved hotel list is generated by JVC and THS. Reasons for implementing the Stay, Play, and Save policy are to increase the amount of room nights available to teams and clubs and to help police the rates the hotels are offering. By increasing the amount of room nights actually used for the purpose of attending our events, the Florida Winter Volleyball Festival is able to prove to the host city our positive impact on their local economy, thus building stronger relationships as well as helping to offset facility pricing. All hotel rates within our tournament block include a rebate amount that the tournament uses to offset facility expenses.  THS is and will continue to guarantee the lowest group rates available through continual rate integrity checks (exclusions include single/king bedded rooms, employee rates, government rates, AAA and AARP rates). Rates range widely, starting as low as $129. If you still are unsure, or think you have found a better rate at a hotel within our block, please feel free to call THS directly.

THS Contact for the Florida Winter Volleyball Festival:
THS Reservations Department
**If you have any issues with making your hotel reservations through THS, please contact AJ at josephaj1@aol.com or 719-201-7323.